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Digital Camera Mag Feature - Matthews Presets

When I was first starting out in Photography, one of my favourite magazines for picking up new techniques and reading about other photographers was no other than Digital Camera. Covering just about all aspects of digital photography with incredible insight, month after month, it's no surprise that it's the UK's best selling photography magazine.

I was super excited when they got in touch and asked to feature me in Issue 237, after a recent photography trip to Scotland. 


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In the magazine, I dive into my background and why I gravitate towards Landscape and Wildlife photography, as well as sharing some insights on what gear I am currently using, along with my editing style. Editing is a huge part of my workflow, yet a simple process in the grand scheme of things. It's something I used to get fairly overwhelmed with, but now makes up a recognisable part of my photography which I'm excited to share with others in the form of presets.


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