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Glencoe, Scotland - Matthews Presets

After a great morning at Kilchurn Castle (click here to read the previous story), we made our way up to Glencoe. A place that had been on my travel list for a while. Although it is widely renowned for its vast mountain range and epic driving roads, our first stop was in fact Glencoe Lochan. A beautiful lake surrounded by a forest, with a picturesque view of the mountains. 


We couldn’t have picked a better time to go. Autumn was in full swing and the orange leaves were still hanging onto the trees. 

Glencoe Lochan Fine Art Print

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We picked up a conversation with an older gentleman who was also out taking photos there. It was one of his local spots apparently. He mentioned that photography had become a huge passion after his retirement from a long career as a doctor. A solid career that helped him fabricate the excuse that buying more camera gear helps keep his mental health in check. Apparently his wife never buys it though because she was a doctor too!


Walking Around Glencoe Lochan

Autumnal Trees and Water Reflection at Glencoe Lochan


After a nice walk around the lake, we spent some time catching up on some work back at the van. It’s a strange feeling being able to live and work out the back of a van while parked in the middle of a forest, or anywhere for that matter. A dynamic that fuelled my burning desire to own one ourselves even more.


As the day drew closer to sunset, our final stop for the day was the famous Glencoe White House. We’d seen this place all over Instagram but didn’t expect the location to be right at the side of a main road. It’s a beautiful location that really makes you appreciate the scale of the towering mountains along the valley.


White House Fine Art Print

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The little white house sits right in front of the stunning mountain Buachaille Etive Mòr. Its triangular shape is recognisable from miles away as you approach Glencoe.


For the entirety of the trip we were on the lookout for Highland Cows and Deer. Unfortunately we never saw a Highland Cow but our first encounter with some Deer was seeing a couple of stags chasing each other behind the little white house. They were a bit too far away to capture on camera but having only ever seen stags that size in Deer parks, it was incredible experience to see them roaming in the wild. Glencoe Valley Fine Art Print

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As the day came to a close, we left Glencoe for Fort William, where we’d planned to stay the night at a campsite. The campsite was close to Glenfinnan, our next photography location which is home to the Glenfinnan Viaduct, made famous for its appearance in the Harry Potter films. Click here to read the next story: The Glenfinnan Viaduct

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