Just One Tree


When I set out to launch my online store, I felt it was important to leverage my platform in a way that allows myself and customers to contribute and give back to our planet. That's why I've decided to partner with an organisation called Just One Tree. £1 from every order goes straight to Just One Tree.
£1 = One Tree Planted
As you know, Forests are essential to the planet's ecosystem. They provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Just One Tree is a non-profit organisation that helps fund reforestation projects around the world, especially in areas that have been severely impacted by deforestation. Their partners work with communities to provide training and education and employment opportunities, and in doing so, are lifted out of poverty, whilst simultaneously improving the environment. 
By working with Just One Tree, we not only make a positive impact on the environment but also contribute to the economic development of communities around the world.  
Whenever you purchase a print from my online store, we are contributing to the reforestation effort, which has a wide range of benefits for the environment, whilst making a difference and supporting communities in need.
For more information about Just One Tree, visit their website: justonetree.life
I want to personally thank you for making a thoughtful purchasing decision.
Brad Matthews